Irish Culture at Gaelic Park

Chicago Gaelic Park is an Irish athletic and cultural center dedicated to fulfilling its mission statement – to perpetuate and promote Irish culture through sports, music, dance, theatre, and religion. 

Our GAA grounds are among the best in North America and are home to many teams and supporters while our function rooms serve local community groups and organizations.

Ireland on Parade

Ireland on Parade is a exhibition of the music and dance of Ireland that takes place at Gaelic Park annually over a 10-day period in March.

Gaelic Park is proud to host this multi-generational tradition, which was started by the late Martin Fahey in 1967. Various Irish step dancing schools from the entire Chicagoland area are featured each evening of Ireland on Parade. In addition, there is Ceili and Set Dancing and musical entertainment is provided by The Irish Musicians of Chicago, an organization which consists of local artists who are dedicated to the perpetuation of traditional Irish Music

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Irish Fest 2024

AUGUST 23-25

This August, Gaelic Park hosts its Annual Indoor/Outdoor Irish Fest. A wide variety of entertainment performing on 5 stages, kid’s entertainment, free parking, theatre, and dance are all included in the admission price. 

The Chicago Feis

“Feis”  (pronounced phonetically “fesh” in English) is an Irish word meaning “festival” and has come to describe a traditional Gaelic arts and culture festival.

In Ancient Ireland, communities placed great importance on local festivals, where people could come together in song, dance, music, theatre and sport. The largest of these was the Aonach, the great festival at Tara, which was then the city of Ireland’s Ard Rí, or “High King”.

Today the Feis has experienced something of a rebirth, both for ethnic Gaels and for enthusiasts of the Gaelic Culture in Ireland and Scotland, as well as throughout the world. Typically they are community-based festivals seeking to promote and maintain Gaelic Culture, tradition, and pride.

The Chicago Feis will be held on Memorial Day Weekend  Saturday, May 25th and Sunday, May 26th, 2024.. Registration is now open at

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Heritage & Harvest Day

Heritage & Harvest Day takes place at Gaelic Park every year in September. Experience old Ireland’s history and traditions, as you view the old threshing machine, the piking of straw and the art of making a sugán. There is also a large selection of antique tractors on display. This is a free fun-filled day for the entire family, with games for both children and adults, traditional Irish music, set dancing and an Irish step dancing exhibition.

Irish Theatre

The Gaelic Park Players have been presenting plays at Gaelic Park since 1992. Two full length plays are presented annually, one in spring and the other in fall.

In addition, the Gaelic Park Players hosts the theatre stage during Gaelic Park’s annual Irish Fest and they are also active participants in the Acting Irish International Theatre Festival