Gaelic Park Membership

Due to the high interest expressed by many people in becoming a part of Gaelic Park, it was decided to expand our membership. The minimum annual contribution to become a member is $30. Membership for married couples is now available at $50 per couple. In return for this membership fee,  you will receive and identification card, mailings regarding all events sponsored by Gaelic Park, a subscription to “The Irish American News” Paper and other important information. A person who is a member for 3 consecutive years will be entitled to run for office as a Director. You will also be allowed to vote in our annual election, beginning with the first year of your membership. Your membership will run from June 1st to May 31st each year.

Become a Member Now

To become a member of Gaelic Park, simply click the button below and proceed to the checkout. Through your contribution and participation you will also be a special part of that group who make Gaelic Park a reality, not just a dream. Thank you.

Gift Cards & Shop

The Gaelic Park gift shop is located in the front office. Gaelic Park merchandise is available for purchase including polo-shirts, t-shirts and zip jackets.

Support Gaelic Park and give a great gift with by purchasing a gift card!


Sponsorship opportunities are available for some events hosted at Gaelic Park.  Contact Gaelic Park 708-687-9323 for details. Major sponsorship opportunities are also available for Irish Fest which is held annually over Memorial Day weekend. 


Your gift to Gaelic Park Charities plays a vital role in helping Chicago Gaelic Park promote and foster Irish culture, music, dance and sports within the Irish community now and into the future.

Every gift makes a difference. Whether your gift is great or small, your thoughtfulness, generosity and commitment are truly appreciated.


Volunteers are the back bone of Gaelic Park. Since its humble beginnings, volunteers continue to play an important role in its enormous success on a daily basis. Our volunteers come from all walks of life and bring a tremendous amount of knowledge and skill that helps in the day-to-day running of Gaelic Park. The success of Irish Fest is in part owed to the volunteers who year after year, donate their time at Irish Fest.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Marian Ryan, General Manager, at 708-687-9323

Super Fundraiser

Every year Gaelic Park reaches out to its members to support the Annual Raffle which takes place in December. The funds generated are a necessary component in maintaining the facilities, both indoor and outdoor.

Only 4000 tickets are sold for a grand prize of $100,000.00. Nineteen additional prizes are awarded. Call Gaelic Park for details 708-687-9323