Joe McShane's latest Album "Reflections" is a collection of songs written by Joe. Joe McShane has been writing songs and performing since age 15 and is still going strong writing alone or with friends in Nashville and over the last 4 years with Margo O'Donnell.
Some of the other artist that have recorded Joe's songs are Margo, Daniel O' Donnell, Susan McCann, John Glenn, Sean Wilson, Kevin Prendergast and more recently Nathan Carter, Lisa McHugh and Johnny Garvin to name a few.
He continues to write and perform and when ask how he feels about it, he replies, "every night is just like the first one because I love what I do and couldn't imagine not performing or writing"

These days Joe is co writing with Margo O'Donnell and James Thacker (Nashville) and has just produced a new album "Yhe World Through My Eyes" for Margo which contains some songs written by Margo, James and Joe.

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Starts on:08/09/2019 07:30 PM